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Uhh… I’ll be honest: I don’t plot extensively. I just make numbered points, then write down would needs to/I want to happen on each one, roughly making sure I have this sequence: characters/setting, conflict/problem, climax/resolution

That’s cool! If your method works for you, that’s amazing! I need a pretty extensive outline since I’ll otherwise just write my characters making small talk for six chapters. (Unfortunately, I mean that literally. That has happened.)  I don’t enjoy outlining, I just force myself to do it. XD

Cool!! I’m learning the guitar, and I enjoy messing around on my sibling’s piano. HBU?

That’s awesome! I love both those instruments, though I can’t play either. I’ve been playing the Celtic harp for six years and I really enjoy it. I love playing South-American music, it’s really fun.

Yes, ten hours in a row, all at one time. XD Umm.. I’d probably listen to a classical song that’s long, so I wouldn’t be hearing the same parts as much. Uhh.. IDK. I don’t really have a fav song. Is Ceasefire is your fav song?’

Oof, that’s a lot XD. Probably still Ceasefire though. XD. Ceasefire is one of my favorites, though I do switch between favorites a lot, like every two weeks.

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