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Hi Ally!

Ohhhhhh *facepalm* I’m so sorry that I asked then. I feel really bad now LOL.

No problem 😉

Well my favorites are generally all my presents, but I got a cork board to hang up in my room that I’ve wanted for a while XD And one of my brothers got me that character arcs book, so I’m so excited to read that!

That’s so cool! I’ve been working through that book, trying to untangle my nonexistent arcs. It’s proved quite helpful, though it does mean I have to change a lot. XD

Well that’s fun! Breaks from school are always appreciated XD I’m so glad you’re getting to write more   I am on my third and probably final week of Christmas break. I have done some writing, but not a large significant amount. I’ve been a little busy with holidays and family coming up, babysitting some adorable kids, and my family wanting to play board games that take 2-3 hours LOL.

That sounds like fun! I have literally nothing planned for the entire two weeks, so I draw and write a lot. XD

But I did hang out with one of my friends who also loves writing (she’s actually on Story Embers!) and she and I wrote a (very rough XD) short story in around 2 hours, which I then wrote an epilogue to in 20 minutes. But I have written a little bit in Elemental and my other work-in-progress, so I guess I’ve progressed a little

That’s so cool! Writing friends are the best!😊 And some progress is always good!

 How is your editing and writing for your books coming along?

Surprisingly good actually! I’m a bit stuck with editing, but I’m writing a new outline and plotting the character arcs. It isn’t exactly fun, but I’m getting through it. XD I literally have to rewrite 75% of the book. So… that’s going to be fun. :/

The drafting is going surprisingly fast. I only have a week of break left and little time to write after that. I’m trying to fit in as much as possible in two weeks. I’ve written (and briefly edited) about 6500 words in eight days. That’s a personal record XD I kind of frightened myself by writing that fast XD. My average is about 2500 words in a week when I’m doing really well and don’t get stuck and have something interesting to write. So, that was unusual. XD.

Random question!

What’s your favorite and least favorite school subject?

"I have hated the words and I have loved them, and I hope I have made them right." ~The Book Thief

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