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So, I’ve never written a story about disappointment with the church but it’s something I’m familiar with. Like sparrowhawke said, I’m really glad someone wants to write about it! It’s definitely a topic that should be addressed in fiction.

I have had a bit of experience with writing about the church, only because I have a character in my novel that represents it. She lets the protagonist down a few times, though that’s not a big part of the story.

When writing your story I think it would be really important to clarify whether the MC is only disappointed in his church, or disappointed in his church and God, because that will make a big difference in the story. I’d also suggest spending some time in prayer about how to portray the Church in your story. It’s really easy to make it seem like a villain (rather than just an antagonist). I made this mistake at first when writing my novel, but God reminded me that He loves His bride, no matter how flawed she is. So it’s definitely a tricky thing to balance.

I hope that makes sense!

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