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Yes, I got that email too! A very helpful idea… And I can totally relate about things getting too cliché. It’s so easy to fall into the common “groove” of a genre.

I like how you are trying to brainstorm fresh ideas to change things up. It seems like concepts always sound more cliché than the fully fleshed out idea, so I’m sure you will find more ways to make it unique! 🙂

My concept right now is one that I’ve been mulling over for a while now. I would love it if you guys could give me some feedback. Tagging a few people: @beth20 @olivia @arindown @zee @the-inkspiller

It’s a futuristic story set in the jungle of Peru. The main character Rubi lives in the Sanctum Settlement, a special settlement dedicated to seeking out and preserving rare species in the jungle. The atmosphere is a combo of a vibrant Peruvian village and a futuristic town with advanced technology. Rubi’s adoptive father Dren found her alone in the jungle as a child. Rubi’s memory was wiped as a child because of the traumatic event that left her stranded in the jungle. But she doesn’t know what that was. Rubi has wanted answers ever since she learned she had a memory wipe. So when her Ikal, her new trainee in the Sanctum, mentions rumors of a memory bank, it reawakens the questions that have never left her.

I have a lot more brainstormed. That is mainly just the rough setting and inciting event, so if anyone is confused / wants more info please let me know. Also I’ve been having trouble developing an antagonist so if anyone has any suggestions… XD Just a note: I’ve been trying to come up with more unique names to replace “memory wipe” and “memory bank”, so those are just placeholders right now.

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