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Joelle Stone


Ooh, excellent points! I actually haven’t really thought about it a lot, but one of my siblings pointed out that he/she found a book online that had almost the exact same stuff for the villain. So now we’re coming up with family members (so the genetic powers of Leaping (world travel, as you already know), Reading (reading animals’ minds or the memories of rocks, IDK which yet), and Shading (being able to see ultraviolet and whatever the red light is called, along with having something else to do with colors) are passed down) that were taken as babies or whatever by the villain to be used for whatever nefarious purposes I can come up with. 🙂

And the person picked the girl from Earth because she has the power to leap between worlds, and he needed her to gather Reader and Shader together. 🙂 Still haven’t figured out why. 😛 Will come up with it eventually.

Soooo hopefully that wasn’t too terribly confusing. 🙂 Thx for the feedback!

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