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Livi Ryddle


Ok I thought I replied to you, saying I had seen and LOVED the drawing of Gwen, but apparently I didn’t?? At least I didn’t see where I replied XD So… thank you so much for drawing her! I love it! 😀

And someone asked why I chose Gwen for her name… I’m really not sure! Her full name is Gwendolyn, and I have no idea how I came up with that lol. You’d have to ask thirteen-year-old me XD (Gosh, has it been three years since I started that book?? Yeah, I guess it has. I started it NaNo 2017 I think. I missed the 2018 NaNo, and- No. That’s still not right. I started it in 2018. I missed NaNo last year. And I was gonna do it this year but didn’t have time. So yeah, ask fourteen-year-old me, then XD)

Oooh, that’s beautiful, the drawing of Scarlett! I love it!

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