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Hi Allie!

I love your story idea!

Two main characters (maybe some others) live and train as rangers at the main ranger stronghold. There are ranger outposts throughout the world but ranger’s in training live there. (Yes, I did have this idea before reading ranger’s apprentice   ) In my book rangers are like a mix of durgans and rangers apprentice rangers. They are the front lines of the kingdom. They fight before the knights are alerted and try to end conflict before it involves the people. They are also scouts and spies so trained in the art of stealth.

I love your idea of having rangers!

Two other characters are the twin heirs of the kingdom relatively sheltered and they are thrown into the adventure. I was originally planning that their parents were kidnapped but I may change that to a friend or one of them. Or have them get involved in another way.

That’s also very cool! I like how they are probably going to end up together!

The main thing I’m trying to figure out before re-starting is the main conflict. I want something that is not too cliche. If someone is trying to overthrow the kingdom or something they need a not cliche reason… Hopefully.

Hmm, I do have an idea for this. My favorite technique for creating interesting motivations for villains is giving them a ‘good’ goal (e.g. peace, safety for their family/group/nation, protecting the ones they love from what they see as a threat) and then have them take it too far. Much, much too far. The villain will be convinced that what he’s doing is right, and he’s the real hero in this story. That makes for fascinating villains, in my opinion. Even better if you make it personal somehow!

For example: (No spoilers!) My villain’s motivation is to bring peace to the country, so there will never again be another civil war like the one that killed a family member. The problem is, he’s decided that the way to get peace is by conquering all the other tribes, even though that is causing a war.

Quick tip! Making your villain insane isn’t interesting, and it’s very cliche. (Sorry, John Flanagan! He does that quite often, like 80% of the time.) It makes the villains flat when you could make them one of the most interesting characters.

I’m planning on having the characters stumble into this conflict before the kingdom becomes aware. And then it grows. The characters also have some backstory that I want to work in but a problem is that I also get into sub-plots that I don’t really know how they tie in to the main story conflict.

My suggestion is to learn something about plot structure. Even if you’re a discovery writer, it may help you. I personally LOVE the Save the Cat! Structure. It makes good stories and it’s quite easy to use.

I don’t know if you outline or not, but story structure was really a game-changer for me. It fixes pacing, tightens plot and helps you develop characters without dissolving into side-plots. (Something I’m rather apt to do.) If you’d like to learn more about this, I highly recommend “Save the Cat! Writes a novel.” It’s great and has helped me so much! You can find some videos on YouTube that explain it quite well too.

Wow! your drawing is amazing! I’ll see if I can upload something I’ve done eventually. XD

Thank you!

Cool story as well! World-building can be really fun. I love that character name.

Thanks! I love writing about Liorah. She’s just so much fun! She’s really snarky and stubborn, and has a tendency to get into trouble.

Who are your MC’s? Do you have any ideas for them yet?

Yes! Rangers is great! but I’m only on the third book so no spoilers!   I honestly don’t know If I can pick a favorite character. Will, Evanlyn, Halt, Horace… all great.

IKR! I’ve read the books sooo many times! The books keep getting better and I’d say the series peaks between book 7 and book 9. Those three are my favorites! After that, well, it’s not bad, I just liked the earlier ones more.


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