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Nice! Spanish is like the only other language I can see myself putting effort into learning. I have heard it is very close to Latin, even compared to other Romance languages.


I actually like Cicero, but he is difficult. There’s a joke that goes like this: A senator was late to the senate on the day Cicero was giving a speech. He sat down and asked the senator next to him, “What’s he talking about?” The other senator replied, “I don’t know–he hasn’t gotten to the verb yet!” Martial sounds entertaining. I might’ve learned a saying or two from him, but I don’t know.


Salve Maya! Nice to meet another Latinist! I’m not sure about favorite Latin words, but I do find declining hic, haec, hoc rather fun. Stultus -a -um is rather handy for insulting siblings under your breath 😉 And I kind of like pulcher, because it sounds kind of icky but means “beautiful”. There’s an archaic word “pulchritude” that means beauty, and I can just imagine what would happen nowadays if you said someone was a person of great pulchritude. It sounds insulting to me XD

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