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Hello Ella! another ENFP! 🙂

Yes, I am new to writing meaning I haven’t written a lot yet but I have wanted to be a writer for a while now.

Hmmm all the wingfeather books are so good! If I had to choose I would probably say the second then the third.

Your WIP sounds cool! Those are some cool cultures to work with. Norse and Celtic are cool. I am a big HTTYD fan as well. 🙂


Wow! your drawing is amazing! I’ll see if I can upload something I’ve done eventually. XD

Cool story as well! World-building can be really fun. I love that character name.

Yes! Rangers is great! but I’m only on the third book so no spoilers! 😉 I honestly don’t know If I can pick a favorite character. Will, Evanlyn, Halt, Horace… all great. 🙂


My WIP… Here’s an overview. It’s more of a concept than anything fully developed (an ember 🙂 )

Two main characters (maybe some others) live and train as rangers at the main ranger stronghold. There are ranger outposts throughout the world but ranger’s in training live there. (Yes, I did have this idea before reading ranger’s apprentice 🙂 ) In my book rangers are like a mix of durgans and rangers apprentice rangers. They are the front lines of the kingdom. They fight before the knights are alerted and try to end conflict before it involves the people. They are also scouts and spies so trained in the art of stealth.

Two other characters are the twin heirs of the kingdom relatively sheltered and they are thrown into the adventure. I was originally planning that their parents were kidnapped but I may change that to a friend or one of them. Or have them get involved in another way.

At the beginning of the story there are rumors flying around of people going missing. I’m still figuring out why. XD The main thing I’m trying to figure out before re-starting is the main conflict. I want something that is not to cliche. If someone is trying to overthrow the kingdom or something they need a not cliche reason… Hopefully.

I’m planning on having the characters stumble into this conflict before it the kingdom become aware. And then it grows. The characters also have some backstory that I want to work in but a problem is that I also get into sub-plots that I don’t really know how they tie into the main story conflict.

The world is named Lacktia. Let me know if you have any thoughts, tips, or ideas!

That was long but hopefully I’m on the right track to getting ready to start my draft again. 🙂

You have to be brave to be an artist -Jennifer Trafton

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