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Hey!!  I’m Ella, and I’m also an ENFP!!  I’d love to learn more about your WIP (I think we all do! 😄)

THAGS!  I love the Wingfeather Saga!  Which book is your favorite?  I like the 3rd one the best.  Maybe the 4th.  I play the piano a little, but I definitely like listening to music better.  I’m weird, so i listen to a weird, wide variety of music:  hip/hop, classical, lo-fi, pop, etc.  I don’t like a lot of contemporary pop, but there’s some that’s appropriate that I like. 😁 What do you listen to?

So it sounds like you’re a fairly new writer…?  What kind of stories do you like to read/write?  I write speculative fiction, thriller/suspense, and fantasy.  My WIP is pretty new, so I’m working on a lot of worldbuilding right now.  Anyways, it’s a fantasy with three cultures/countries based off of Norse, Roman, and Celtic cultures.  I like to make little photo collages for my characters when they’re in the early developing stages (I use Canva.com for this).  Here’s an example of my MC’s:

Ok, sorry, I’m rambling.  Well, I’m glad you joined SE and I hope I (and everyone else) can help you on your writing journey!!! 😃👋


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