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Heya Ally!

Ooo okay! I will check those out! They sound intriguing. And literally the same thing with “Ceasefire;” I saw For King & Country at a concert, and they played that song and I was singing it for days on end, LOL!

It’s so cool that you saw For King& Country at a concert! I actually discovered them pretty recently (earlier this year) but I LOVE their music. The other song that really got stuck was “Wholehearted” I had that stuck in my head throughout Algebra one morning. It was a bit distracting XD

Aww, thanks!   The only other instrument that I kind of know how to play is the ukulele, but I am self-taught XD And when I say “play,” I really mean that I know a couple of cords and know how to strum   But I think I would choose piano over ukulele if I was given the chance to master a skill. Do you play any instruments?

That’s really cool! I only know one instrument. I’ve been playing the Celtic harp for six years, and I really love it! If I had to choose one other instrument to learn it would probably be a cello or something in the lute family.

I think I have heard of “Signed, Sealed, and Delivered,” but I have never seen it. That might go into my movie-watching list   I like your list of favorites!

Yes! I can’t recommend it enough! The story writing, acting, and photography makes me happy in so many ways! I also love that it’s a Christian movie, but not in a preachy way, it’s just worked into the story perfectly!

I believe some of my favorite movies would be “Knives Out,” “The Princess Bride,” “Pride and Prejudice,” “The Greatest Showman,” and the first “Pirates of the Caribbean” movie

That’s so cool! I don’t know any of those except Pride and Prejudice. I’ve been trying to find “The Princess Bride” but it’s surprisingly hard to find. Thanks for the recommendations!


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