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Hi Sparrow!

I’ve studied Caesar’s De Bello Gallico and am currently in Cicero’s orations. I’ll be doing Virgil next year and someday I hope to try Ovid and the Vulgate. I also did some of a modified version of St. Patrick’s Confession a couple years ago. What did Martial write? I’m not very familiar with him.

That’s really cool! I’ve translated some of De Bello Gallico, but not much. I think I might have translated a part of the oration against Catalina? Maybe? I don’t remember it clearly. I only remember I didn’t really enjoy Cicero, he had terribly complicated texts. XD. What do you think of it? What’s your favorite thing you’ve translated so far?

I translated a few of Martial’s Epigrams. They’re short, satirical verses. (Mostly cynical griping too XD) They were actually quite funny. I distinctly remember a rant about a Roman man who wore rings on every finger to prove to everyone how rich he was, but he couldn’t afford a jewelry box to put them in. Mostly things along that line.

I studied some of Virgil’s Aneas, but it was canceled for my exam so I didn’t finish it. I did struggle with it though XD.

I have not read The King’s Fifth, but it sounds like it could make good research for my WIP. I’ll have to check it out. Have you read any other O’Dell books?

No, only those two. After “Island of the Blue Dolphins” I didn’t read any more XD. But I do sincerely recommend “The King’s Fith.” I really liked the protagonist, Esteban. The relationships in the book were really good too, and the plot kept you wondering what really happened to the very end.

I’ll totally check out your recommendations! Thank you!

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