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Hehe, that’s okay   I get confused enough translating real Latin. Are you trilingual?

Yes! Except I’m also fluent in horse and quite passable in cat XD What writers have you studied in Latin? I’ve had quite a lot, among others: Ceaser, Martialis, Ovidius, and Vergilius. (Not much of any of them though.) I’ve studied some others, but I remember these best. I had my exam on Ovidius.

I thought Island of the Blue Dolphins was disappointing as well and I got really confused at how old Karana was supposed to be. I could not keep track of how much time was passing. I haven’t read The Healer’s Apprentice, but none of Dickerson’s books interest me. The Mulan one interested me when I heard of it, but the setting change was a deal-breaker for me.

IKR? Have you read “The King’s Fith”? It’s much, much better than Island of the Blue Dolphins. It’s a historical novel about the conquistadors and the search for El Dorado/ The City of Gold. It was very interesting, with a great plot and a really interesting double timeline.

What’s your favorite book/series? Or your top five?

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