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Mischievous Thwapling


Oh my word, all of that was so helpful!! Thank you!!!!! I shall apply your wonderful edits 🙂  And that formula is SO nice to know.

No, I actually haven’t read it, though I’ve heard a lot about it. Do you recommend it? I just really love the way ‘Thwap’ sounds

YYYEEESSSS!!!! I totally recommend it. And I know! I do, too XD

My favorite example is ‘read’ (Present tense) and ‘read’ (Past tense).

I know! One of my siblings who’s learning to read finds it extremely confusing, haha. (I remember stressing about that when I was learning how to read as well.)

What instrument would you like to know?

Hmmm… Perhaps the guitar or piano? What instrument would you choose?

Random question: If you were forced to listen to a song for ten hours, what song would you choose?



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