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Heya Ally!

Sometimes I love a good bittersweet ending if it’s just right (I’m trying that out with my other work-in-progress :P)

I totally agree! I’ve only written one ending so far, and it was quite bittersweet. I do like them when they’re done well, but too often, they only come off as disappointing. On the other hand, perfectly rounded off, perfectly happy endings where all the ‘dead’ characters resurrect and join the victory celebration feel rather fake XD

Wow that’s a lot of music LOL   Nothing wrong with listening to a lot of music! I’ve listened to most of those groups and I’ve liked what I heard! I don’t generally listen to Lindsey Stirling, but I have heard she’s great! I don’t know if I’ve ever heard of Owl City, but I may go look them up

That’s so cool! If you want to listen to Lindsey Stirling and Owl city, my favorite songs by them are: “Something Wild” (Lindsey Stirling) and “Fireflies” or “Galaxies” (Owl City.)

 I love “Ceasefire!”   That’s one of my absolute favorite For King & Country songs!

That’s awesome! The first time I listened to it, it got stuck in my head for two days straight. (Not an exaggeration!)

I would probably have to choose the skill of being a master pianist XD I know a few basic things, but I think it would be cool to know how to play virtually every song almost flawlessly. I also enjoy singing, so maybe the skill of singing with an enormous vocal range

That’s an awesome choice! It’s so cool that you play some piano! Do you play any other instruments?

Okay, now it’s my turn to ask a random question XD Hmm, what’s your favorite movie (if you have one)? If you are torn – like I almost always am when it comes to that question LOL – then how about top 5 movies?

Excellent question!

Hmm, I think: “Signed, Sealed, and Delivered” (A series) is one of my absolute favorites! Whoever wrote the story was really, really good at it! It makes me very happy as a writer to watch it, since the plot, conflict, stakes, pacing, characters, backstory, etc., etc. are perfect!

My other favorites are:

“Singing in the Rain” (I love that movie! I have a weakness for old musicals.) Also some really good writing for that one.

“Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron” That movie is amazing.

“Behind the Mask” Also really cool and exciting!

I’d say those are my favorites! What are yours?

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