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    Oooh, hot cocoa’s good. (:

    Wow. Starting before high-school probably helped you a lot. Good decision indeed.

    Ah, yes, the famous question. 😄 What is Jominkreesa? And what does it mean?

    It is a secret that is not mine to tell. I’m sorry. 😕

    The other person you saw with it was part of the secret, or…more of a pact.

    My lips are sealed. 😐


    I love to color, or sketch. Landscapes espeacially, but I’ve done a few animals, and people. (The people are like good cartoons.)

    What do you like to draw?


    So…. your existence rests on thought? Or…. Would you explain ‘Semper ubi sub ubi.’ for me? 😶


    Why is surviving important? Would you not rather die for the truth?

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