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Thanks for being the one to bring this thread back to life! 🙂 I <3  Tai!

Let’s see about this . . . (this was completely off the top of my head. If it’s bad, I’m sorrry. 🙁

If my guy characters were roommates (let’s do this with Alan and Jack):

*both come bursting through the door, sweaty and worn out from fighting a fire*

Alan: *stumbles over the rug and falls flat on his face*

Jack: *looks down* *Yawns* “Did the rug try to bite you again?”

Alan: *yawning* “No. It just wanted a hug. It missed my feet walking on it.”

Jack: *gives him a slap on the back* “I’ll be in the kitchen.”

Alan: *From the other room* “Okay. Just don’t step on me tomorrow. This hug is going to last all night.”

Jack: *mutters to himself as he slumps half-asleep against the counter* “Poor kid.”

Psalm 119:11
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That I might not sin against You.

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