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    Haha ok. 😛

    No idea how the toaster survived that long. It was in a little apartment that my family was renting temporarily, and most of the furniture/appliances were pretty old. Old stuff is pretty fun though. XD

    What’s your favorite thing to put on toast? (If you like toast lol)

    Yay! We homeschoolers must join forces 😛 . Oh that’s awesome! Glad you don’t have to do total stealth mode anymore. I think I’ll be stuck in it for awhile… Guess I just get to improve my ninja skills. XD Is there a certain restaurant or store that you’re looking forward to see open?

    Sounds fun! And haha sure that counts as dressing up. 😛 Ooh white elephants are cool! At least from what I’ve heard lol. I’ve only ever done one, and that was when I was 5. Accordingly, I remember very little. 😛

    I admire your loyalty to the fuzzy socks XD.

    Cool! Do you have a favorite thing to do in the snow? (When the snow sticks around)

    I really like Hark the Harold Angels Sing for some reason haha. I don’t know a lot of more modern Christmas songs. How about you? (Don’t worry about randomness; I am known in my friend group for being the random rambles person.  😉 )

    Right?? XD And we each have two younger siblings! Obviously there is no other explanation. 😛

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