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    Oh wow. *facepalm* XD. I’ve been pronouncing Renee wrong in my head this whole time. My apologies!

    Yes, unburnt houses are always points in our favor. 😛

    Surprisingly, the closest my siblings and I have come to burning the house down was actually my fault lol.(Though our house is cement, so tis more a figure of speech than actually burning it down. Anyways. 😛 ) I was making toast in a super old( like around 20-30 years old, not kidding) toaster. So, the toaster catches fire, ruins my toast, and then is promptly thrown out the back door where it sits until its flames die out. Rest in peace, toaster. And rest in peace my toast.

    Nice! So am I! Yeah, I agree the main thing it affected for my family was church. And shopping. We used to just walk to the store whenever we needed something, but now we go like once or twice a month and just stockpile for that month lol. Sometimes it feels like we’re playing ninja. Just hiding at our home base and sneaking out only for very important missions. XD


    Oh, that sounds fun! I hope some of your family can come. 😀  The youth group thing sounds fun, too! Do you dress up Christmas-y for it? My youth group is also doing a Christmas party, but virtually. Not sure how that’s going to work out, but it will be interesting. XD

    Yoga pants and fuzzy socks are the best lol. Though, I live close to the equator, and it’s like 80-90F year round, so my one pair of fuzzy socks just sit at the bottom of my sock drawer. Is it cold enough where you are to get snow?


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