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    Haha, I suppose that’s the way it goes with most authors and their stories. Nothing is what it was when it was first started.

    Hmm maybe so! I would be interested in reading the alternate, but no guarantee as to when I will be able to. I told Ally Renee I would like to read her draft, and I have two friends banging books over my head that I supposedly must read or be deprived of literary genius. So, I have enough to read for the moment. πŸ™‚

    Whaaaa? I never would have guessed she annoyed you. But yes, kudos to you for being able to make me like her even if you don’t.

    Well alrighty then, I give you the empathetic award. Good job. πŸ™‚

    Haha no worries, I can understand getting sidetracked.

    The book club is rather sad story, actually. For it to make sense, I should also mention that the book club is purely through online messaging, given COVID and the fact that the members are spread across two countries.

    So, every three weeks my book club votes on a book to read. When I mentioned that I would suggest your book at the next vote, that was only a couple days after we had already started a different book. So, the normal three weeks pass, we read the book. However, all is silent on the messaging front. And more weeks pass. And more. And still nothing changes. All is quiet. No books are read.Β The book club slowly dies…

    And that is my tragic tale of a book club’s death. πŸ™

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