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I’m so glad you liked it! I started writing it two years ago, and it REALLY changed. In the original story:

There was no HANDSHAKE,

Larry, Neil, and Lewis didn’t exist,

Travis was the one with a twin, not Sadie,

Mortis was an agent who was imprisoned with Travis,

Someone who was pretending to be Travis’ mom was the person who went to the Child Rescue Agency.

Travis was an expert in self-defense Think Jason Bourne. I believe that’s actually where I got my initial book idea over two years ago…from watching some of that movie!

I actually kept that alternate version. I could post it here if you’re interested!:)

It’s funny that you like Sadie so much. I (and this is a little writer secret) actually…find her annoying. I know that totally bursts your bubble, but I guess it’s a good thing that I can write a character without letting on that she annoys me. 😉

I struggle writing female characters, and the book I’m writing now is almost entirely made up of boys. I wrote another book recently called Charging For Friendship that I’ve sent to five agents, and I’m interested to see what comes of it!

Guess what? I’m not the oldest child! I’m the middle.

To answer your question, the ending definitely sets up the next book. I’ve started writing it, but I’ve gotten a bit sidetracked, plus, I’m not exactly sure where I’m going with it.

Travis was a bit difficult to write, as I couldn’t develop his character with backstory and stuff about what he likes because he couldn’t remember it! Main characters can be tricky! Lewis is my favorite. He and I have many similarities.

How’s the book club, by the way? Did you by any chance get them to read the book? I just think that would be awesome!

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