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Abigail Rebekah

    I totally agree with what the others have said here 🙂

    I love writing historical fiction (it’s my main genre) but I’m definitely not an expert at it. These are purely some of my thoughts 😉

    I think including all the facts would be overwhelming for readers, but if you can choose just a few which allow you to write about a historical event but also add your own spin to it, can be really good. For example, if you’re writing about the attack on Pearl Harbour, you don’t need to include every single detail of how it happened, or the ships that were there, or how many planes attacked them. You want to be able to write about the event without boring readers with details that distract them or are unnecessary. Maybe choose one or two things that happened in that event and focus on them – you could write about the USS Arizona when it was sunk at Pearl Harbour, and you’re still writing about the attack on Pearl Harbour, but you’re not writing about everything that happened there.  You’re choosing the part you want to make readers relive and imagine, and creating your own impression of it.

    I’ve been told before that you still want to stick with the main important facts with historical events, though. I think this is definitely helpful because you also don’t want to write a book that is about a historical event but is inaccurate. It’s getting the balance between accuracy and how you decide to interpret those events that help craft your story into something different than just retelling history.

    Have fun writing about history, but also enjoy the freedom of being able to put your own twist to it.

    I think the main thing is whether or not you’re identifying your story as historical fiction with the intent of helping readers learn more about history in an accurate way, or if you’re using history to tell your story!

    Hope that kinda helps 😉

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