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Hi Ally!

Torturing my readers is one of my favorite things to do in my writing *insert maniacal laughter*   I love it when I finish writing a chapter of something, and I show it to my friends, and they’re like “YOU MUST TELL ME WHAT HAPPENS NEXT,” XD I think I just like it because it means that I actually wrote something well

Haha, I love it when that happens! Especially when I make them wait until the chapter’s perfect. *chuckles evilly* Besides, it keeps them reading XD

Oh I totally feel that XD I struggle with sticking with themes and emotions even through my chapters, LOL. I believe that we ourselves are the biggest critics of our own stories, thought, so I guess we will always find the cringe in everything we write XD

I completely agree! I often struggle coming up with a good theme, and when I do have one, I struggle with expanding it. Well, practice makes perfect I suppose XD. And anyway, when you find something you cringe at, it means you’ve improved! And that’s always a good thing!

Ooo another broken character! Now I am very intrigued by your book(s)

Thank you!😉

Danny sounds like such an awesome character! I really like reading about broken characters too, they’re just more interesting. XD

I mean, I guess I torture all of them sometimes, but Danny has suffered the most… whoops, LOL.

IKR! I actually feel sorry for my characters sometimes, they go through so much. XD. I have one character that’s a favorite to make life hard for. It’s the same character as I mentioned earlier. (The one who’s name I can’t tell XD) It’s gotten to the point that one of my family members will often ask me: “Have you found another way to torture (Character) yet?” 😂😂

Oddly enough, I actually prefer my characters when they have some issues. (That sounds awful, but they’re just more fun to write XD) I like Liorah in book 2 better than I liked Liorah in book 1. She’s almost a different person😂😂 When I go back and forth between writing book 2 and editing book 1 I often think: “Wow, is that Liorah? She was so…. naive…” XD No spoilers, but a lot of things happened in book 1 XD.

Yay, someone else feels my mild pain   I think it’s easier for us to write girls because we ARE girls and understand our confusing emotion cycles. I live with two younger brothers, and I still don’t understand how boys work, LOL.

IKR? 😂

I don’t think writing in a guy’s perspective is necessarily bad, but challenging. Mostly because I don’t want one (or many) of my male characters to turn out feminine XD

I totally understand! That’s something I really struggle with too😂 But, on the other hand, even published authors struggle with it. I’ve read a good many female characters by male authors that were extremely unrealistic/stereotypical. (Why are they all the same??) XD.

That was totally helpful!   I guess I had never really thought about it that way. I like the idea of giving some of them certain tics. I may have to use that, unless you think that would be plagiarizing your book? :/

I’m so glad I could help! Feel free to use the tics idea! I overuse use it with almost all my characters, and I’ve noticed it in a lot of books too.

I love that song! And even though I have read 0 pages of your books except for little quotes you have given me, I can totally see that for Liorah XD That’s so cool.

Thank you! That’s so cool! The first time I heard it, I immediately thought of her XD.

I was wondering something; how do you go about outlining your books? Do you have some sort of system or organization for your outline that helps best for you?

Well, for my first book, I used a very, very, loose outline, which changed so completely that it was unrecognizable when I finished the book. XD. So, I basically wrote more than half without an outline. I did get stuck constantly though, and I have some pretty bad pacing issues that I have to go back and fix.

For my second book, I’m using the “Save the Cat! Writes a novel” beat sheet, and I LOVE it so far! I’ve written down every scene in a sentence or two. (Except for the ending, I still don’t have an ending XD) So I always know what to write, and I write almost twice as fast. The beat sheet is really easy to use, and it makes for really good stories.

I actually really dislike the outlining part, especially coming up with good ideas. But I much prefer writing with an outline, so I do it anyway😉

As for organization, I use Scrivener (Highly recommend it!) But you can even just write down your beats on index cards and pin it to a corkboard and you’ll have the same effect.

What do you use? Do you prefer plotting or pantsing? What have you tried so far?

"I have hated the words and I have loved them, and I hope I have made them right." ~The Book Thief

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