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Emberynus The Dragonslayer

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Alright, alright I’m emerging from my hobbit hole now. LOL 😆

Would you rather be jailed or exiled?

Willie: Hmm. . . Being exiled could be interesting. I guess I’d rather be exiled than be in jail.

Jordan: Wow. I’ve already spent a night in jail. Ehh it was okay. Exile would be nice.

Judah: I’ve already sorta been exiled once. . . though not exactly. . . and I’ve almost been put in jail. I guess I’d rather be exiled. That’s more “romantic”

Zythe: I’ve had both happen. I’d rather not go back to either.

Would you rather be a sports star or win a Nobel prize?

Willie: Neither really. I don’t really want to be famous.

Jordan: Well. Seeing that I could never do either–

Me: Jordan stop it! You could totally be a basketball star.

Jordan: Whatever. Sure. I don’t care.

Judah: OOoh fame and fortune! I’m not the greatest at sports though and unless there’s a Nobel Prize for weirdness. . .

Zythe: I don’t even know what those things are. . . I like sports, but I can’t possibly be a star. . . this is confusing.

Would you rather have a white Christmas but spend it alone or have a muddy Christmas with all your best friends?

Willie: Muddy Christmas. Mud’s more fun than snow anyway.

Jordan: WHO CARES??!! When you don’t have friends and there’s concrete all around you anyway what does it matter?

Judah: *looks nervously at Jordan* yikes! Umm. Muddy Christmas for sure.

Zythe: What’s Christmas?

New Question: Would you rather be a sleepwalker or never be able to sleep?

Sold souls and dead promises

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