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Would you rather be jailed or exiled?

Dayton: *nostrils flare* “I will not be jailed; give me exile. No one would be able to catch me.”

Alan: *innocently* “Nobody?”

Dayton: *levels him with her glare* “Nobody.”

Jim: *cocks an eyebrow at her with the slightest smirk on his face* *fortunately she didn’t notice*

Alan: “My turn? Uhh . . . I guess I’d rather be jailed. At least I wouldn’t be out in the middle of nowhere somewhere with nobody.”

Rob: “Exile. You don’t have to stay there you know.”

Alan: “Ooh, I didn’t think of that!!”

Jim: *has been trying not to look disturbed* “I’d – I’d rather not do either one . . . but I reckon I’d rather be exiled.”

Megyn: *ponders a moment* “I think I would rather be exiled. There would be freedom to roam and to reach out to people I wouldn’t be able to if jailed.”

Would you rather be a sports star or win a Nobel prize?

Dayton: “Hmph. The Nobel prize.”

Alan: “What would I win a Nobel prize for? Just the word ‘noble’ rules me out. I’ll be a sports star.”

Rob: “Nobel prize.”

Jim: “I don’t really care for fame at’tall.

Megyn: “The Nobel Prize.”

Would you rather listen to only one song of your choosing for the rest of your life or never be able to listen to any song more than once ever?

Dayton: *glares at me* “You know I don’t listen to music. *before I can reply* “So I will never be able to listen to a song more than once.”

Alan: “Oh, boy! A tough one. Uhh . . . Well, I guess I’d want to hear my favorite song as many times as I would want to . . . now to pick that one song I can listen now.”

Rob: “Only one song for the rest of my life.”

Jim: “Well, I reckon I’d have to agree with Alan.”

Megyn: *looks very torn* “As a music lover, this is hard. But I guess I’ll pick not being able to listen a song more than once. After all, I should be able to remember the song and sing it any time I want to.”

New Question: Would you rather have a white Christmas but spend it alone or have a muddy Christmas with all your best friends?

Psalm 119:11
Your word I have hidden in my heart,
That I might not sin against You.

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