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Ally Renee


    Hi Rose!

    Cool! I shall see if that book makes it’s way to me through Amazon, LOL.

    I can understand that! I kind of plotted all of my characters’ relationships with each other pretty early on, mostly because I knew what I wanted: I wanted one couple who fell in love immediately, a couple who had been best friends their entire lives, and a love triangle XD But I totally get struggling with that: I have a friend who does not enjoy writing romance as much, but she struggled with it a little bit when she started to incorporate it into a chapter of her book (which I will totally recommend to you once she gets it published XD). Do you want to guess which one Penny will be in and which one Alex will be in? 😉

    I too (most of the time) find the 2,000-words-in-a-single-sitting quite rare LOL.

    Aww, thanks! 😀 I’m so glad you like it! And oh I’m so happy that the paragraph conveys Penny’s opinions on her life XD. Honestly, reading your comment on that made me SO happy 🙂

    I’ve done that too! I have rewritten Chapter 1 of Elemental soooo many times, mostly because I can’t find a way to make it interesting LOL.

    Oh my goodness, I love that line of Acyn’s SO much! XD I love the sarcasm a lot; I can understand why you get so proud of it LOL Do Acyn and Liorah have a love-hate kind of relationship? Not, like, romantic kind of love, but like that friendship that involves a lot of teasing? XD

    Hmmm, my favorite scenes to write… I enjoy writing (and this is gonna sound so bad XD) conflict scenes, whether it be through an argument or battles, or even some dramatic and life changing event. I also enjoy writing scenes that lighten the mood after it’s been kind of dreary for a while. I’m writing Elemental short stories (that are probably going to be combined into a book of collected short stories about what happens after the events of the first book), and all aspects of the conflict scenes and the sweet enlightening scenes are in one of those short stories. Really, I just enjoy writing all scenes LOL.

    While I do like writing battle scenes, I think I struggle with those the most. Those and romantic scenes XD I feel like some of my battle scenes go by too quickly, or I don’t give enough description of who’s doing what, or the pain someone feels, etc. The romantic scenes are hard for me because I don’t want to make them cheesy (sometimes 😛 ), but a lot of time they come out that way, and I don’t like it XD

    What are YOUR strengths and weaknesses in writing scenes? 🙂

    ~ Ally Renee

    "Strength and dignity are her clothing, and she smiles at the future." ~ Proverbs 31:25

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