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Mischievous Thwapling


    (I love your username and signature!)

    Thank you!! Have you read the Wingfeather Saga, then? (Because a Thwap is a creature from it)

    Yes, I do have a WIP. I haven’t titled it, and I’m tweaking/refining the outline and plot, but the very rough premise is:

    Every three years, the three dragon tribes send one of their own–each choosing their contestants by different methods–into an arena to fight to the death, in order to decide who will win the ___–(I’m still brainstorming a cool name, XD) an object shrouded in mystery and coveted by all the tribes–for another three years… 

    Now graduating the two year training course required for all dragons in her tribe, Rilyn (still changing her name, too) is now old enough, and therefore eligible, to be chosen for the arena, as is her friend, Konyar. She only hopes that neither of their names will be drawn from the pool.  

    Days before the drawing, she accidentally causes an accident that cripples a young dragon named Sirian for life. His only comfort is that he’s now ineligible for the arena.

    Or so he thinks.

    His name is drawn, and Rilyn is unsure whether it would be right for him to fight or not, but she knows one thing is certain: Sirian’s name wasn’t drawn by accident. Someone’s out to murder him…but why? 

    Around the same time, hatchlings and young dragons are vanishing without a trace, and nobody seems to be able to figure out how. 

    Suspicion is rising, tension is taunt, and fear is spiking to a degree that Rilyn’s tribe has never known before…

    Eeshhh, that was pretty bad. I have a really hard time writing premises–especially without revealing too much. I want to get readers hooked, but I don’t want to say too much! There’s one problem I’ve been having with it: I showed it to another person, and she said, “Why don’t the three tribes just flip a coin for the ‘mystery shrouded object’ or something?” There’s a reason for that, and it’s explained in my book, but when I tried to put it in the premise, it sounded to explanation-y and long. (And it had too many spoilers.) Do you think I should try to fix that, or just leave it as it is? (Critique for the whole thing is MORE than welcome, btw)

    Yes, I meant Krita. Sorry for not being clear 😛 That sounds really cool! Thanks!

    That’s awesome! And yeah… it can be confusing. Like if you saw just the world “live” on a billboard, would it being saying, “Live, like a livestream on Youtube,” or would it being saying, “Live without regrets”?

    Cool! I’ll keep that in mind because I’m trying to improve my drawing skills 😛

    Wow!! That’s a super great answer!! I love it! As for the counter-question.. Hmm. I think I would learn how to play an instrument REALLY well. It takes so much time and practice, so how nice would it be to be an instant master?

    Really nice to meet you, too!

    Whatever we love deeply becomes a part of us.
    ~Helen Keller

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