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Wingiby Iggiby


Oh, Sahar sounds like such a great character! It is strange, but I usually end up liking my villains and side characters more than the main ones. Does that happen with you?

Afrikaans is the language spoken in South-Africa, and yes, I was born there

So cool! Do you still live there? I was born in Illinois, but then we moved to Georgia, and now we’re in North Carolina — hopefully for a good while yet!

Yah, come on over (to Character Castle)!

I have yet to read The Book Thief! I need to get it from the library, especially as I’m always looking for books to read. Still waiting for the YA version of Unbroken to come in, *sigh*…. I also need to check out your book-list up there, bc I haven’t read a lot of them.

Butting in on other conversation: Corinthians 13:1-3 I love those verses too!! And its so cool that you can think in different languages.



"Whatever man loves dominates them. I loved wrong, for I loved myself. You don't know how sorry I am."

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