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R.M. Archer

Hi! I’m mostly useless on these topics, lol, but I do have a couple of thoughts I can share.

What would be the causes of blindness? Perhaps a disease?

Retinitis pigmentosa is a genetic eye disease that can come on slightly later in life. Molly Burke is a YouTuber who talks about her experiences with it, if you want to learn more; she started to go blind in her early teens.

Since she lives in a town/small city, how would she find her way around? How would she navigate?

I have no direct ideas for this, but a couple of authors who have written really good blind characters (at least in my sighted opinion) would be Maris McKay and Beth Wangler. The former has a blind character in her fantasy romance short story collection, Women of Kern: Book Two (which is written for adults, so there are spots it gets a little more adult than is ideal. Overall I prefer Book One, but it’s not helpful for this ;P); and Beth Wangler has a blind character in her Steward Stories anthology (which is just all-around good). Both blind-POV stories include modes of navigation that might provide some inspiration.

I hope you’re able to find the answers you need! 🙂

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