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    Hello Ally!

    That’s so cool! I can tell you put a lot of thought into your characters!

    Penny sounds amazing! And Penelope Ashlynn is such a cool name!

    I actually don’t give my characters middle names, but Liorah is a princess, so her full title is: Her Royal Highness Liorah, daughter of Shemaiah of the Lehabim. Quite a mouthful.😂 I usually use the ‘son of’ and ‘daughter of’ naming system, since it fits with the setting. Liorah actually hates being addressed by her full title, her friends just call her Liorah and everyone else calls her Princess, or Princess Liorah.

    I love Penny’s personality! I adore sassy and stubborn characters, they’re so much fun. I have a soft spot for snarky and sarcastic characters, which is probably how Liorah ended up as one of them.😂

    It’s so cool how you designed Penny’s family relationships! It’s interesting because Liorah has a very similar relationship with her older brother, Gavril, and her mother. She’s very close to Gavril but feels a bit more distant toward her mother, though it isn’t quite distrustful. They often disagree, especially since Liorah is very independent and often stubborn. I love writing sibling relationships! I noticed I have quite a lot of them in my stories😂 What’s your favorite kind of relationship to write?

    How did you go about developing Penny’s character?

    Your character development for Penny sounds really good! Character arcs are something I still need to work on.

    Oh wow, that’s so cool! I like the setting for your story; I don’t see a lot of Middle-East settings in stories nowadays. I would love a summary!

    Thank you so much!

    Here’s a summary:

    The book’s title is: “The Tribe of Sand and Azure

    Seven tribes live in harmony in the deserts of Yerasht, or so it seems. A powerful tribe waits for an opportunity to rule the land unchallenged.

    When the newly crowned king of the Lehabim is captured in an unexpected attack, impulsive princess Liorah must find a way to save her brother.

    With the aid of her friends, bubbly Sahar and cynical Acyn, Liorah must rescue her brother before it is too late. If she fails, all she holds dear is lost. The enemy, Hakan, ruler of the Kezbes, will stop at nothing to destroy her family and her tribe.

    Liorah becomes entwined in a war bigger and more dangerous than she bargained for. Not everyone is to be trusted and nothing is as it seems in the deserts and cities of Yerasht.

    I’d really appreciate any constructive criticism on the summary!

    And ooo, I love the name Liorah! It’s such a pretty name! Also, your art is amazing!!   She looks so cool! Just from your profile picture, she seems like such a fun character to write and even read!

    Thank you so much! That’s really sweet of you! I love her name too, it’s a Hebrew name that means “Light upon me”. The original spelling was Leora, but I changed it a bit😂

    She is really fun, but she’s far from perfect, which makes her so much fun to write!


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