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Mischievous Thwapling


    *bows* I thank thou for entrusting me with this most great mission. OK, I asked. (I didn’t ask all of them bc of some of them are gone, but here are the answers I got): 3 Crunchy votes, and 1 creamy¬† vote. *hisses and disowns that sibling*

    Ummm, some years. Let’s just say I’m not the most talented cook, so they make most of it XD Last year I made the mashed potatoes, but that’s not much of a feat since you basically add water to powder XD Fun! I love cranberry sauce.

    WOoooahaaaaAAAHHH!!! You did it!! Ah, I suppose there always was that possibility, but, as you put it so nicely, eh oh well. Interesting, though. Thanks for taking that step for SCIENCE!! That’s awesome, Lona!!

    (Should someone ask another random question?? I can feel this discussion dying..)

    Whatever we love deeply becomes a part of us.
    ~Helen Keller

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