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And right?! I think gun-pens were an actual thing spies used *quick google search* Yeah! They actually make things like that!! Wow, I think I need one, seriously.

Ooh! That’s the coolest thing!

I actually really like writing the throwing stars and knives, mostly because one of my side characters, (Liorah’s best friend, Sahar) uses them. It’s actually really funny to write since Sahar is the most adorable and sweetest character imaginable, but she also happens to carry at least three knives on her at all times and she doesn’t hesitate to use them.

Afrikaans is the language spoken in South-Africa, and yes, I was born there😉

The character castle sounds like so much fun! I’ll have to ask if there’s still room. That’s a very interesting collection of characters😂

Also, I love your quote/signature thingy!

Thank you so much! “The Book Thief” is one of my favorite books!


"I have hated the words and I have loved them, and I hope I have made them right." ~The Book Thief

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