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    Nah, Allie is just a nickname. Personally, though, I think Ally is a pretty great name. Not boring at all. 😀
    Lol same! My brother, who is younger by two years, is over at his desk coding java while I’m here struggling to get my pictures off of google drive. At least he’s great tech support. 😛

    Ooh cool! Just the title is intriguing.

    Well, in this theoretical, I would be up for doing whatever is easiest for you. I could give you my email and you could send me a document file (I assume this is a doc file?) through email or you could send me a google docs link over Story Embers or some other way that I’m not thinking of. Then I could keep a doc of my critiques, or if it were a google doc, use the comments to critique. But again, whatever you’re most comfortable with would work for me. 🙂

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