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    @lonathecat Awww, thanks.

    As for not smudging charcoal…I can’t help you much.😄 I try not to worry about smudging too much. It’s frustrating when it erases detail, but I find that a little smudging here or there can actually look better. My tactic is usually to get as dirty as possible at the beginning, and then finish up with dark detail and pulling out the white with an eraser.😆

    Also, if I have a lot of charcoal fingerprints on my background sometimes I’ll just spread it around to look like shadows, or just leave it and try to make a sun-through-leaves look. I’m posting a little Red Panda sketch I did where I attempted a “leaf” background.

    Will you post one of your drawings?😊 Please?

    Forgiven. Loved. Creative.

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