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I totally get leaving a drawing and coming back. I do that pretty often. Sometimes it’s just not a “good day” for drawing. Your drawing turned out really well though.

Liorah sounds amazing. I do have some stubborn characters. The person who hates the Outrider the most, Prince Derik, kind of stole a main role, and continues to do what he likes. It’s all good though, because I managed to fall for him too.😄 He’s got a good heart, and so does the Outrider, they just can’t see it in each other.

Maewyn sounds really adorable. I love the personality you gave her. Bruce is very laid-back. He was copied off a toy horse my little brother has…he’s black (maybe a Shire cross?) with a blaze and some white feathering. I just love the image of a angry wizard storming down a cobblestone street (lit by lanterns) on a draft-horse. I really should do a drawing sometime.😆

Oh, I love Arabians and Barbs. Beautiful, but a little temperamental.

Yep, that’s how siblings work. You’ll bicker and tease…until someone threatens one of you, and then you’ll fight for each-other.

What other books do you like? Or movies?

Forgiven. Loved. Creative.

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