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Hi Chelsea! It’s nice to meet you!

I do love history! My (current) favorite periods are: The Anglo-Dutch wars, the English Civil war, the Napoleonic wars, the Middle-east and North Africa during the medieval period (As you can tell by my WIP), the Romans, and the French revolution. (Okay, that’s a long list. I actually like most parts of history, though the ancient civilizations interest me less.)

Your interests are fascinating! I really like those too, though I know very little about pre-colonial Polynesia. I have read up on the Romans in Britain, though I know little besides the Iceni and Trinovante uprising led by Boudica. I think that’s one of the most fascinating parts of history, though it’s a pity they didn’t keep records and we only have the accounts of the Romans, who were obviously biased.

Nice to meet you, Chelsea!


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