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    Hey there! Welcome to Story Embers!

    I like your Middle Eastern fantasy, and like Zee said, I can’t think of very many like it. Medieval Europe is much more stereotypical.

    Haha right?! I totally get the one book turning into three…it just happens, and you can’t really do anything about it. I was originally going to do one book, but then I had an idea that automatically called for a second, and then one character’s part ended up playing a bigger role than I thought it would so I had to split it into two…and then there’s three.

    Whoa! English is your 3rd language?! Your grammar/vocab is really good! Did you learn it when you were you really young? Or slog through learning the hard way all the quirks of English? (Honestly, English is my mothertounge and I still don’t get all of its quirks…)

    Also, I love your art! Do you do most of it digitally?



    Annnnd just gonna say that your art is also super awesome, even though you’ve probably heard that already. 😛

    Do you have a tactic for not smudging everything when you use charcoal? If so, do you mind sharing your secret? I always manage to get charcoal smudges/dust everywhere.

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