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    @rose-colored-fancy No way! That drawing is epic!😍 The lighting, and the detail…it’s really amazing. Liorah’s dress looks perfect.

    It’s so cool that you use Krita! I’ve actually never met anyone else who uses Krita before.😄

    I’m a panster.😂 I do minimal plotting (when I feel the need for it), but mostly, I just go head-first. It might be useful for me to learn how to outline, though. Just in case I run into book deadlines and similar stuff.

    Thanks for the complements on the Outrider.😊 You’re a very observant person. The Outrider’s character arc has a lot to do with being forced to use wizardry to protect people he loves.

    Liorah sounds like a fun, but difficult character. The ones that have minds of their own are the best. And she has horses! Are they like Arabians? Or are they another breed. In my story I have a draft-horse named Bruce. I love writing scenes with him…just letting him be a horse: snoopy, friendly, nervous about wizards, and hungry. Do you have any specific horses?

    Also, I really like the family relationships you’ve put into your story. I’m the 5th of 10 kids and I can’t imagine not having siblings to argue with, and to lean on. Sibling or parent-child relationships are my favorite to write…probably because family is the people who get your worst, and your best, and everything in between.

    You’ve read Rifles For Watie? I hardly ever meet people that have! I think my favorite was Jeff, but it’s hard to choose between him, Lucy, Noah, and of course, Heifer. I also really admire the romance in that book. It’s nice romance…believable, but not overboard.

    Just tagging @wingiby-iggiby I’m glad you like my drawing. I love charcoals. It’s really fun to meet another Rifles For Watie fan.😉 Someone needs to make a movie of it, right?

    Forgiven. Loved. Creative.

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