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Ally Renee


    Hi, Rose! Thanks, I’m happy that you like my pfp! I designed it to look like the main character of my first¬†Elemental book, Penelope (but I mostly refer to her as Penny). Sure, I can give you a quick summary! ūüėÄ

    <i>In the wide world of Belrac,¬†which is¬†essentially Earth¬†but more fantasy-like, there is a kingdom, Alonda, whose citizens are born with “supernatural” powers (that’s why Penny’s eyes are orange). They call themselves Elementals. In another kingdom called Maivin, King Mordred, who was already on a quest for absolute power, catches wind of the Elementals and wants to dispose of them. Over the course of a year, he has his mage create a¬†vast variety of beasts strong¬†enough to eliminate the Elementals. Mordred also has his mage grant him immortality, because he thought that an all-powerful king should live forever. Long story short, he sets an attack on Alonda, and he thinks he kills all of them, but many fled to a¬†distant kingdom to seek refuge.</i>

    <i>Many years later, the story focuses on Penny and her older brother, Alexander, who live in hiding with their mother, Rebecca, who, by the way, is not an Elemental (that fact is a major key in¬†the story, but¬†I won’t go too far into it ūüėČ ). The story follows Penny and Alex as they discover who they really are (again,¬†I won’t go too far into that,¬†it’s kind of a spoiler, LOL), and as they find more Elementals who are planning to fight against Mordred and his monsters.</i>

    I hope that this helps explain the main gist of my first Elemental book! I can of course give you more details if I made anything confusing (I tend to do that a lot, LOL).

    Sorry, this was a longer than I expected :/ Congrats for reading all the way through it, LOL! It’s nice to meet you! ~Ally Renee

    "Strength and dignity are her clothing, and she smiles at the future." ~ Proverbs 31:25

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