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    WOOOWW! That charcoal drawing is incredible! I love how you kept your lines fairly rough, yet it gives the impression of a ton of detail, especially in his face!

    I haven’t tried any other genres yet. I love reading fantasy, and that’s probably why I enjoy writing it so much. I think historical fiction might be really fun to try at some other time!

    For my summary, I used the “Save the Cat! Writes a novel” template. I don’t know if you’re a plotter or a pantser, (I’m a plotter, though I had to pants most of my first book because my outline was very rough) but if you’re looking for a book on plot structure, I really recommend that one. It’s very detailed and well explained.

    I use Krita too! I love it, it’s so easy to use and the brushes are amazing!

    Thane sounds so cool! I love how you’re using his fear of wizardry since I’m assuming you’re going to make him face that fear. That’s really good! I can completely relate to talking to horses.😂 I think it’s fascinating how you’re using his fears and how you’re going to force him out of his comfort zone. (If I understand the plot correctly) It makes for a very strong story with a lot of conflict!

    Liorah is 16. She has one older brother. (Gavril) She’s very close to him but has a more distant relationship with her mother. (Her father died sometime before the story) She’s determined/stubborn, decisive and impulsive, confident, and has a tendency to be argumentative and jump to conclusions. She’s often single-minded, focusing on one goal, and doing anything to accomplish it.

    She loves riding horses, and she’s quite good at it. (Her tribe breeds and sells horses.) She also uses the scimitar (sword) and sling.

    I must admit, she’s completely unlike me, which is actually very fun to write.

    I checked out your profile, and I see you like “Rifles for Watie”! That’s one of my favorites! It taught me so much about the civil war, and the writing was very good! Jeff was a really good character, but Lucy was probably my favorite, though I really liked Noah too.

    This drawing is one of my favorites. It’s of Liorah and Gavril (Her older brother.)

    Liorah and Gavril

    "I have hated the words and I have loved them, and I hope I have made them right." ~The Book Thief

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