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    I’ve actually never done the 50k challenge on NaNo…although I’d like to sometime.😉 I want to finish my current novel, and maybe do the next one on NaNo.

    Do I write in other genres? Well…kinda. I dabble in just about anything that interests me. The only genre I’ve never “tried” is horror, and I think I’m good without it. Do you write anything besides fantasy?

    I love your summery! I always struggle to come up with them…especially after I start writing the story. Once I dive into a story, everything becomes muddled and it’s hard to extract the basic plot.😂

    The program I use to draw is Krita. It’s free, and really awesome. There’s more tools there than I could use in a thousand years (not quite😄). I’ll post one of my more detailed drawings I did on it.

    Yes, the Outrider is my main character. I’ll tell about him if you tell about Liorah.😉

    His name is actually Thane, and he’s roughly 60 years old, but looks in his 30’s (he’s a wizard after all). As an outlaw, he’s run away from almost everything…people, friendships, responsibility, etc. He doesn’t talk to people if he can help it, but he’ll talk to his horses sometimes. He finds them more relatable. Animals follow instinct, and they’ll fight when they feel trapped. His worst fear is wizardry (using it, having it corrupt him, and being killed by it)…but because, in his world, being a wizard is passed by blood-line, it’s an unremovable part of him. His goal (at least at the beginning of the story) is to avenge what wizardry did to him.

    In some ways, the Outrider is like myself. A lot of my Main Characters are extroverts, but he’s the very introverted side of my personality…shy, quiet, afraid, and alone (even though he’s not really alone). I’m not as shy as I used to be, but I relate to him in a very personal way because of that.

    Would you share another of your drawings?

    Forgiven. Loved. Creative.

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