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    Hi! Your story sounds really amazing. Do you mind sharing what the basic plot is? Your world-building sounds really cool.

    I’m currently around 50k words into my first fantasy novel. It’s really hard to say what a story is about (Even though I’m asking you to do it😆), but I’ll give it a try (this is kinda what I have on NaNo):

    Surateel the Great was evil. He was twisted. He was a murderer. And, he was the greatest wizard ever.
    At his passing, he left a bent, broken family. A family that has the power to make the world, or to break it.

    Jonathan, a lesser wizard with a good heart, knows the only one who can stop Surateel’s oldest son’s evil is another of the great wizard’s children. He is forced to turn to the youngest, an outlaw, known as the Outrider. 

    The Outrider, though, believes wizardry to be the cause of evil. Even as he is unwilling to except his own identity, he finds unexpected friendship in Jonathan and a couragous princess. 

    His brother is rising. Danger is brewing. The Outrider will be forced to take a journey along with the very person who hates him the most. 

    Wizardry will determine the outcome. 

    That wasn’t very good, but hopefully you get an idea.😂

    I love the drawing you did! What things do you like drawing the most? I also love drawing. I dabble in digital art, pencil, and charcoal, and like drawing horses, fantasy characters, and wildlife.

    So nice to meet you!

    Forgiven. Loved. Creative.

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