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This is a great question. For me, as a new writer, I like to let things sit for a bit in my head when I get stuck. I find that pictures, music, and movies are a great way to get my “ember” ball rolling again. Don’t follow other people’s work exactly, but take what you like about it, and make it yours. For example, lets say you love how the coronation scene in Frozen plays out. Don’t be afraid to copy it…maybe you want the same emotion between two characters, but you put the scene at a birthday party, or a casual dinner. As Andrew Peterson (I believe) put it, “Steal boldly.”😄

I also find that the more I work on a story, the more excited I get about it. I got writer’s block on my current novel, but when I went back and read what I wrote, it got me excited again. Pushing through the hard parts can help you stay productive.

Hope I’m not too confusing.😉

Good advice, Ella.

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