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Mischievous Thwapling


    Ah, yes, commas are foes whose deviousness goes back for many, many generations. Thou is not alone in thine fight. Aye, I mineself hast been battling right beside thou in the great war. 😛 (In all seriousness, though, I totally get that. Commas rules are really hard for me to remember, too)

    Lol! For a split second, I wondered if I was mixed up and you’d meant something along those lines, but I thought it best to point it out to be safe XD

    Aw, your welcome! And thank you!! Often times, I find creativity sparks at the most random moments.. So if I put myself in a lot of those random moments, would that mean I’d be more creative?? *thoughtfully taps chin*


    Whatever we love deeply becomes a part of us.
    ~Helen Keller

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