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    Thanks! I love making similes and double meanings. They’re so fun. 🙂

    Hmm good point. I don’t know why I like the word ‘for’ so much. I see how I went a bit overkill with it though, haha. I will make a note to myself to fix that when I go back and edit my whole mess of a story.

    Ah, yep. Typos! Thanks for catching those! And of course, my old nemesis commas…One day I shall defeat them…one day…(hopefully 😛 ). For now I’m just going to trust your comma judgements.

    And just another typo, I believe: “Pease, forgive us.” I think you meant: “Please, forgive us.”

    Haha no, I definitely meant the Dragons were addressing a bowl of pease porridge and begging it for forgiveness. What else could I have possibly meant? XD

    Again, don’t worry at all about sounding harsh! (It’s hard to sound harsh when you use similies. 🙂 )

    Thank you! That means a lot! 🙂

    I have learned that the randomest people are very often the most creative, and I have no doubt that there is fountain of creative genius just waiting to explode in you. 😉

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