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HI Lydia! Nice to meet you! I know I’m a bit late to this thread, but welcome to SE! 🙂 I love this site so much.

I’m a homeschooled senior in high school. I enjoy playing the violin, writing, hand lettering, and graphic design (especially designing book covers 😉 ) Oh, and reading of course. Can’t forget that. 😂

My current WIP is a futuristic /dystopia story set in the jungles of Peru. I’m still in the plotting stage but I’m really hoping to actually finish a book for once, lol. I’m very impressed that you’ve written so much on your WIP! Good job. 👏

That’s super cool that your dad is a professor at a seminary! What does he teach? Right now I’m actually auditing a seminary NT Greek class. It’s been intense, but totally worth it!

Ooh, Douglas Wilson. Have you ever read any books by his son N. D. Wilson?

Ah yes, LOTR and the Wingfeather Saga. 😍 One of my favorite historical fiction series is called Chosen Daughters. Have you ever heard of it? I haven’t read the Crown and Covenant series in awhile, but we own it. Have you ever read Hand of Vengeance by Douglas Bond? It’s on my to-read list. My brother says it’s his best book.

Anyways, better go for now! 🙂


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