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    Nice to meet you too! And yeah I joined a couple of months back, but haven’t been on for a while just cuz of school stuff. But now…Thanksgiving break! *happily tosses school book out the window and into the grass where it shall remain for the next 9 days*

    Oh yeah, I can see how an undo button would be nice. Eraser smudges get very annoying. Especially once you erase so much you start tearing holes in papers…(totally not bitter about drawings being ruined from that haha).

    Oh cool! You paint? My sister does watercolors but I’ve never quite been able to get the hang of it. Unless you count painting abstract art, which is essentially me putting a canvas on the grass and flinging paint at it like a mad woman. It’s very fun. Also very therapeutic. 🙂

    No, I don’t have a website or social media where I post them. I’m trying to get a thing I drew a couple weeks ago to upload, though I’m having a very difficult time of it. XD




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