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The Fledgling Artist

@lonathecat Hello! Thank you! :D< I noticed you have an introduction thread floating around too, so I shall hold onto my questions until I can go to your thread and ask them there! (It’s great to meet you though!)

Digital art definitely has a learning curve, but once I got the hang of it I slowly transitioned from doing mostly traditional to mostly digital art. I still sketch in a traditional sketchbook, but aside from the rare occasion I feel like playing with paints, I’m mostly just a digital artist, haha. The option to undo is a big factor in the why. 😅 (Though as an aspiring graphic novelist, eliminating any steps involving scanning traditional artwork w/ a scanner to be printed or posted online is also a very practical perk. Heh.) Also just being able to move stuff around to change the composition is helpful :O!! —I suppose there are many contributing factors. XD

Do you post your artwork online anywhere? I would love to see some of your sketches sometime if that’s something you’re comfortable showing. :o<

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