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The Fledgling Artist

Your wip?? Is?? EvERYwheRE??? NO WAY MINE TOO. *eyes sparkle* lol we have so much in common. B’)

Your method is not stupid, haha, it’s completely valid. >:o!! I have a friend who likes to just sit and think about her stories and let them play like movies in her head to figure them out. Sounds like a pretty awesome superpower imo, but I tend to figure things out in a much more fragmented and drawn-out process.

Thank you for calling my brainchildren amazing. 🥺🥺🥺 I’d love to tell you about my story! BUT I’M ACTUALLY RLY BAD AT DOING THAT :’D

Lol I never rly know how to tell people about my stories– especially/mostly the ones I’m actively working on… which seems kinda backwards <.> but o w e l l
if you have any questions about it I can answer them?? But??? That might be the best I can do XD

"Though I'm not yet who I will be, I'm no longer who I was."

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