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This is how I know you’re sincere. If you’re offering to hear a rant on a book a writer’s working on, you’re truly amazing.

Umm, if I’m honest, these words can sum up my WIP the best: It’s everywhere.  I’m still figuring out some world building, plot structure type-stuff, and developing characters. I’ll be honest though: Every morning, whether I’m eating breakfast or lying in bed, wishing that there was still 5 hours left to the night, I write a part of it.  In my head.  Of course, I don’t remember it enough to copy it back down on my computer, but that’s how I do most of the plot planning.  I write the next step in my head, then I’m like, “This should happen next!” Pretty stupid, I know.

HBU??? I’m more than willing to hear a rant on your WIP if you ever want to. *leans forwards, props chin on elbows, then stares at you expectantly*

Same. Publishing is like this thought to me: “If I ever finish, I’m gonna publish it.” But of course, I never take myself seriously. I’m determined to finish it, but…. seems like a long time in the future.

Lol, tell me about it…

I know you’ve already experienced a lot of stalking in this thread, but.. *clears throat* All I’m trying to say, is that your characters are amazing.  So much character is loaded in simply their posture! And then you combine it with the rest.. It’s awesome.


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